So, what now?

After years of pondering my next best move, I chose to go back to grad school. I finished my last degree in 1995: several US presidents, hair styles, and clothes sizes ago. Yes, clothes sizes, too.

Am I crazy for doing this now? I had the chance to do this without children, marriage, work obligations, but no, it wasn’t time yet. The conveniences that come with having no “real responsibilities” are just that, at least for me. I found that becoming a mother, marrying my partner (we’ve been together since 1995) and working in various capacities were all clarifying experiences for me. I know better what I want from this now, and I know better what I will need to do to actually achieve it. I have weathered the storms and experienced the rites of passage that come with maintaining a healthy marriage, childbirth, initiation into the priesthood of Oshun, and remembering who I am through all of it. I am now pursuing my PhD in community psychology and look forward to this rite of passage into the world of scholar activists. This blog will capture the journey forward, my thoughts on my research interests, and I may even add a few recipes to the mix, just to keep it interesting.

So, what now?

Right now, I work to bring my interests in social justice and liberation, motherhood, organizing, and my love for my communities. I look forward to all that we can share on this journey together.

In solidarity,



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