We Are Kindred: Love Letter To Palestine

Dear Kindred,

I have to admit, it has been difficult to write this letter. It’s been difficult as love letters that are steeped in struggle are hard on the soul. Holding space for love, care, concern, and prayer for my kindred, distanced by miles, by violence, by place, by metaphysical terror and warfare, makes it difficult to know where to start.

How can I show you that I see you even though I can’t see your face? How do I show you that I have you in my heart, although we can’t hold and reassure each other through our shared struggle? How can I show you that I feel you although we cannot stand together side by side, shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart. How can I show you that I cry tears of pain that show on your face as I bear the weight of my own struggle? How can I show that I breathe in air that is filled with illusions laid bare in my kindred’s land of apartheid struggle?

We are kindred, related, of similar kind. We are kindred with our eyes wide open, our hearts open, our mouths open to declare our right to struggle for our liberation. We are kindred in soul and spirit.

We are one.

We are.


In solidarity and with love,

Deidra Somerville, PhD MSW

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